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Paleo on Autopilot

Those of you who follow both my blogs (this one and The Barb Wire), have no doubt noticed that my focus tends to swing between my top two passions:  health and horses.  You have already figured out, therefore — by my lack of posts here and plethora there — that I am currently in an equestrian phase.  I’m hanging out on horse blogs and forums, writing about training and conditioning my endurance mount, and generally falling behind on the paleo scene.  I haven’t downloaded a Robb Wolf or Chris Kresser podcast in weeks.

The nice thing about paleo is that it requires very little concentration.  We nerds can geek out on it all day, every day, when we’re in the mood — but when we’re not, we can cruise along with next to no effort, enjoying all the physical benefits while our mental and emotional attention is elsewhere.  Eat real food.  Move around.  Get plenty of sleep.  Repeat.

Lately, I’ve gravitated toward eating twice daily: a big, fat- and protein-heavy breakfast with some veggies, and a big dinner that’s mostly grassfed meat or wild fish, plus some veggies and usually a safe starch like sweet potato or yuca.  In between, I ride and train horses all day (or as much as I can, if I’m obliged to spend time at the office).  Sprinting can be accomplished with a green horse in-hand.  A few times a week, I stop by my home gym to heave barbells around.

I am fit, lean, and disgustingly healthy.  And it’s so, so easy.


One response

  1. “I am fit, lean, and disgustingly healthy. And it’s so, so easy.”

    Get it, girl! Always love your posts.

    June 2, 2011 at 11:58 pm

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