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Keema & Sweet Potato Omelette

Omelettes again.  Omelettes, omelettes, omelettes. They’re delicious, sure, but they’re such a staple on the paleo breakfast menu that we’ve seen them all. Haven’t we?

Not quite. This Keema & Sweet Potato Omelette is the best I’ve had in recent memory — fluffy, creamy, savory, salty, sweet, and 100% delicious.

Before you can make the breakfast, however, you need to make dinner. (Oh, darn. Two meals for the price of one.) What’s for dinner? Keema, of course! Keema is a simple Indian dish featuring ground lamb and the spice blend known as garam masala.

Here’s how it’s done: Saute together 1 pound ground lamb (beef works too), 1 medium chopped onion, and a couple cloves of garlic. When the meat is nearly done, add 2 Tbs garam masala and 3/4 tsp salt. Saute another minute or so, then add 1/2 cup beef broth and 1/4 cup tomato paste. Stir and simmer until the tomato paste is well incorporated.

Serve your keema with a side of cubed sweet potato roasted in coconut oil with a few red pepper flakes. Be sure to save some for your omelette!

Keema & Sweet Potato Omelette

1 Tbs coconut oil
3 eggs
1 Tbs coconut milk (or heavy cream)
1/2 cup keema
1/3 cup sweet potato roasted in coconut oil
2 Tbs plain yogurt (optional)

Reheat your leftover keema and sweet potato, and set aside. Heat coconut oil in 8-inch skillet over medium heat. Meanwhile, whisk eggs with coconut milk. Pour eggs into skillet and cook, occasionally lifting edges to allow uncooked egg on top to flow beneath. When egg is nearly done, add keema and sweet potato and fold omelette. Allow to cook another minute or two, flipping once. Top with plain yogurt, if desired. Makes 1 large omelette.


3 responses

  1. Dan

    Hey I just found you blog. Really like it. Have added you to my links.

    September 4, 2010 at 8:16 am

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  3. Kath@eatingforliving

    I just discovered your blog! I’m looking forward to reading more! 😀

    This recipe looks delish! I think I will have an omelette tomorrow!

    September 5, 2010 at 3:53 pm

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